Aesthetic Spillway Gate

Provide a winter operable gate with minimal visual impact. Design a gate with thermal cover panels and a rack and pinion operating device

This spillway gate had to be operable in winter in case of emergency. Therefore, we designed a glycol heating device to quickly melt the ice. Piping loops have been embedded in concrete to heat the sill and gains. Also, the gate has been capped with aluminum panels on which pipe loops were installed using heat sink plates. Racks have been installed to minimize the visual imprint of the lift system, but were set cantilevered and after the valve. The result is that, rather than having the operating system above the valveā€™s open position as usual, the valve opens above it. Therefore, there is no need for a heavy superstructure over the walkway and we limit the equipment height to 1.5 meters instead of the 6 meters that would have been required with the conventional method. Finally, a small wall-mounted valve is inserted halfway into one of the valves to manage a minimum ecological flow into the stream.