Wall-mounted gate (steel and stainless steel)

Development and maintenance of pumping stations: Development and maintenance of pumping stations. Offer a product available to municipalities, dam operators and manufacturers of hydro equipment, that exceeds quality standards while remaining affordable. Our steel and stainless steel wall gates are a welded assembly. They are easy to manufacture and easy to install. Elastomer seals provide a long-term superior sealing.

This type of gate can be installed directly on an existing wall or with a wall thimble. Whether it is for a water intake or output, our gate valve offers a solution that will meet your regulations and your insulation needs.

Easy to install, the steel or stainless steel welded construction has an elastomer sealing joint. Basic dimensions are from 200 to 2000mm. Other dimensions may be offered to suit your specific requirements.

Whether manual or electrically controlled, our wall gates are designed to meet the needs of the municipal market, dams and hydro-electric plants.